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Monday, September 10, 2012


What is about stickers that children love?  I remember one summer when I was about 7 I ordered a pack of stickers out of the back of a magazine.  Not trying to show my age here but that was back in the day when you clipped out a mailing slip included your $5.00 cash and your product was sent to you.  I waited for what seemed like forever!  Apparently, I missed the fine print that said, “Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery”.  6 to 8 weeks for a 7 year old is an eternity!  I had all kind of plans for these stickers, if they would ever arrive.  One was to add them to my sticker book which contained all kinds of stickers including an entire scratch and sniff page.  The most important aspect of the book was the cover.  It was graced with the most fabulous sticker ever, the holographic metallic silver unicorn sticker.  (You should hear the AHHHHHHH of angles when you think about it).  I got this sticker from an exchange of some Garbage Pal Kid cards for it and still think it was awesome!  

Angel has recently come to love stickers, wanting stickers every time she sees them.  Since acquiring her own stickers I have found them everywhere; on her clothes, on the doors, walls, my shoe, furniture and of course on herself.  I have realized that no sticker is safe as I recently caught her covering herself with my address labels.  Thank goodness they were the free ones that the organizations send to you hoping you will make a donation to their charity and not the ones I ordered from the ValPack you get in the mail.  I should have known something like this would happen because I remember when my friend Laura sent me a picture of some stickers her son got into.   

Those are some pretty expensive stickers.  I suppose there are worse things Angel could be into, like crayons and play dough.  Oh wait she is into those things.  Luckily I haven’t found either on my walls or on my shoes…… yet!

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