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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writing and Other Stuff

I was talking with someone today about my blog and they asked me if I wrote every day.  HA!  I would love to write every day.  As a matter of fact I have 4 blogs that I have started and not finished, as well as little pieces of paper scattered around my house, my car, my purse with notes, ideas, funny things Angel has said or done, or just some random thing I am thinking at that moment.  I think any person who is a parent will agree that children are time consuming!  Now imagine, if your married or with someone, everything your spouse does you now have to do.  It is a lot of work.  Yesterday, I was talking to a single Mom of 3… triplets!  The children are 10, she has been single since they were 3, and she is a doctor.  She said “I have to do it all.  I have no one to help me do anything.  Any free time I have I want to spend by myself.”  I only have 1 child and cannot imagine being the single parent of more than that!  I take my hat off to her and all the single parents out there.  I am not leaving Dad’s out because I know there are a lot of Dad’s out there who have had to learn how to fix hair and buy training bras all by themselves.

Angel has been home now for 3 weeks.  Between playing with her, a growing work load, and trying to keep up a house, I haven’t had much time to write (except on jiblets of paper that eventually end up on my floor board).  Please don’t get me wrong, I would much rather play with play dough than fold laundry, vacuum, or work on an excel spreadsheet.  The point is I write when I can write.  Spending time with Angel is the most important thing.  What started as a means of therapy for me to get through my pregnancy has turned into our story.  I enjoy sharing about the happiness and love my unexpected gift from God has brought me.  I don’t write this to express political views, sell something, or as a means of instruction.  If anything I write this so Angel will have something to look back on when she is older.  

I will leave you with a few funny things that she has said or done recently.
Her Nanny Vic Vic recently introduced her to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and for some reason instead of saying Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an English man, she says “Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the wee wee dat.”  I have no idea what this means, but she thinks it’s hilarious.

The pirates say, ARRGHHH Maybees

Rhinoceros is pronounced WASA WASA WASSSAAAAA

On one of the Little Einstein’s adventure they had to go around buoys and she called them….. Well, I am sure you can guess.

I was singing along with one of her songs and she looks at me very seriously and said, “Don’t sing Mommy!”  Her facial expression and hand gesture were priceless.  She must have a good ear because I can’t sing.  (I sound like a dude, my voice is that deep)!

That is all for now.  Hopefully I will finish some of what I have started, but by then I am sure there will be something else for me to write about.  Thanks for reading!


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