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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Funny Stuff

Last night I asked Angel to put on her pajamas and she looked at me and said in a very high-pitched voice “I don't think so!”

I asked her to say a prayer at dinnertime and the prayer she said was, “Now I lay me down to sleep.”

I took Angel to the Park one afternoon.  At the park there are these wooden towers for the kids to climb in.  I asked her if she wanted to climb up to the top of the Princess Tower and of course she did.  Once we were in the highest tower she looked out of the little window and yelled, at the top of her young lungs, “I'm the Queen of the Queens!” and flung her arms wide open. 

A few weeks ago I took her to the zoo and at almost every exhibit she would get as close to the animals as she could, squat down, and tell them to come here by clapping her hands or patting her hands on her knees.  She would look at me and say I want to hold _______ fill in the blank of every animal we saw.  This included the silver-back gorilla, lions, and an alligator.  While in the petting zoo she tried to give the goats and sheep kisses, right after pulling on their ears.  I couldn’t get my hand sanitizer out fast enough.

Her Dad told me that once in church she was told to be quite and she said, “SHHHH Jesus is sleeping.”  If you ask her why you have to be quite in church, that is always her answer.

While getting in the car one day she says, “I wanna see ya in a Kia!”  

In the mornings whenever I'm getting ready for work Angel loves to come and sit beside me and play with my makeup and, makeup brushes.   I have some mascara that is in a shiny hot pink tube which measures about 6 inches long.  Almost every morning she grabs it, waves it in the air and says, “It’s so MAGIC!”  I am guessing she thinks it is her magic wand and it is, as long as she doesn’t open it.  

Angel loves to lie down on the driveway and have me outline her in chalk.  We will dress this chalk version of her, add hair, and of course a face, which is always happy.  She usually wants the chalk version to wear what she actually has on, this includes shoes, shirts, pants, hair bow, and of course big girl panties. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger?

Today started out like a typical Monday morning, up at 6:00, coffee, make-up, get dressed, do my hair, and of course, get Angel up, try to get her to go potty, have her climb up on my vanity and pull out every one of my make-up brushes eventually knocking the entire container on the floor, pick all that up, argue with her about what she wants to wear, (apparently she is unaware that the temperature has fallen and still wants to wear shorts) fix her hair, give her a granola bar that she is screaming that she wants, get all of my stuff together for work, get Angel’s shoes on and load everything in my car.  It is only 7:00.  I turn the key of my car and it won’t crank.  Try again, nothing.  I am no expert on cars, but the radio comes on and as well as everything on the dash so I think it is the alternator.  I try one more time for good measure and nada.  GREAT!  I get Angel out, head back inside, turn the TV to entertain her, and begin making phone calls; my mom, my boss, a towing company, etc.  After spending nearly 45 minutes on the phone I waited with Angel on the tow truck.  I got her breakfast ready, finally got her to go potty, and read some books with her.  

The tow truck driver got to my house, said he didn’t think it was the alternator he thought it was the starter and instructed me as to how we were going to get my car out of the garage which was pulled all the way in nose first.  I told Angel that I was going outside for a minute and she needed to stay inside and watch Mickey Mouse.  I got in my car, put it in neutral, and steered as the driver pushed it out and down my driveway, this took about 2 minutes.  My Mother pulled up behind my car as soon as I got it into the street.  I had called her and asked her to come and get Angel in case I had to ride in the tow truck not wanting for Angel to have to go.  I got out of my car and with my super sensitive Mommy ears heard Angel screaming.  The driver was in mid-sentence and I took off running in a pair of Betsy Johnson 6”stilettos.  I got to the door in the garage where I could hear her crying and realized that she had locked the door, a door that I did not have a key to at that moment.  My Mother who had limped up the driveway (she has a pinched nerve in her back most likely from picking Angel up all day) joined me there and we began trying to coach Angel on how to unlock the door.  I ran around to the back only to realize that my gate was locked as well.  I ran back to the door trying to keep my composure, encouraging her to turn the lock.  Finally, she was able to get it unlocked.  I scooped her up in my arms and held her tightly to me still holding back tears.  I tried to lighten the mood and distract her by asking if she was playing hide and seek with me.  She was fine and began to laugh, excited to see my Mom.  

I got Angel into my Mom’s car, finished up things with the tow truck guy, who was I’m sure ready to get out of here, and went inside to wait on the rental car.  As soon as I sat down, I lost it and began to sob.  How could so much happen in such a short amount of time?  I feel like I have been run over by an emotional truck.  It's barely 9:00 and I still have to go to work.  I tried looking on the bright side; thank God this happened at my house and not somewhere far from home.  Then I thought if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger than I am SuperWoman!
I was going to super impose my face on this picture but Enterprise just got here.  Maybe this is who I will be for Halloween?