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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Movies

One of the great things about the holidays is all of the holiday movies!!!!  There have been so many movies that have been released since Thanksgiving.  It all started with the final chapter in the Twilight series Breaking Dawn Part II which in my opinion was awesome.  At the closing credits I got a little teary eyed feeling as if a part of my life was closing with the movie.  I am sure I won’t feel that way when I watch it again on DVD.  Other movies that have been on my list to see are Les Miserables, Life of Pi, The Hobbit, Silver Lining Playbook, Lincoln and that Cirque du Soleil movie.  Since Angel is with her Dad, and I had nothing better to do, I started scratching these movies off my list last night, starting with Les Miserables.  One thing about the majority of these movies is they are long, really long.  My advice is don’t eat or drink anything at least 2 hours before watching them, get there early to get a good seat, sit down and make friends with the people around you because you will be there a while, but hey at least you are getting your $9.00 worth, right?

I have never seen Les Miserables on Broadway so the only thing I had to compare this film to was my failed attempt of the 1998 film starring Liam Neeson, which I couldn’t get through.  Let me say this if you do not like musicals then DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  They sing the entire thing!  I love musicals, and I thought the movie was great.  There was an older couple sitting beside me in the theater and about and hour and a half into the movie the husband leaned over and whispered loudly to his wife, “I am going to go get a Snickers bar.”  30 minutes later the wife leaned over to me and said, “Will you watch my stuff I have to go find my husband.”  A few minutes later the husband reappeared without his wife and I told him his wife was looking for him.  His response, “I know.  I just couldn’t take any more of this.  I had to take a break!”  Of course, I was moved during Anne Hathaway’s performance of I Dreamed A Dream but, when I really lost it was when the character Eponine sang On My Own, which is about her being in love with a boy who is in love with someone else.  (I know exactly how that feels.)  Then I really lost it when {SPOILER ALERT} she took a bullet for her love and the two of them sang A Little Fall of Rain and she died in his arms.  BOO HOO!!!   At the end I wanted to stand up and cheer... that it was over.  No really, it was a really good movie.  
Ladies, take a girlfriend or a gay friend because odds are your men aint  gonna like this one.  There is plenty of eye candy in this movie.  I found my favorite, Aaron Tveit

This morning I got up and did some yoga, had a massage and got by butt ready for The Hobbit.  This movie is over 3 hours long if you include all of the previews which I recommend you see, not because they are any good, but because you want to get a good seat.  I can’t imagine having to watch a movie in the front row for 3 hours.  I was really naughty today and put my coat over the seat beside me so no one would sit next to me.  It works out nicely in case you can’t put your feet up on the seat in front of you, then you can stretch out to the side.  This movie was a great start to The Hobbit trilogy.  Yes, just like in Lord of the Rings there will be 3 movies!  I did not know this until the cliff hanger ending and of course I Googled it.  Again, if you are not a Lord of the Rings fan do not waste your 3 hours with this movie.  The one thing I want to know is what kind of makeup are they using to make these actors look so young??????  Where can I buy this?  I have seen Elijah Woods and he does not look that young anymore.  This movie is more of the same little people fighting crazy computer generated monsters and not getting hurt.  What I really don't understand is why don't the eagles that always appear to rescue the heroines, fly them to where they need to go?  If they had done that in the Lord of the Rings it would have only been 1 movie.  If you are not a die-hard fan wait for it to come out on DVD so you can pause for bathroom breaks. 

Speaking of DVD I recently watched the movie The Words on DVD and thought it was pretty good, but then there are no movies that have Ben Barnes in them that I don’t think are great.  The ending was a bit confusing like that of Inception, but still worth the watch at home. 

Tomorrow I think I will scratch another one off my list.  Perhaps one of the shorter ones I don’t think my rear end can take anymore long ones.  

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