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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm Too Sexy for my T-Shirt

I have often been accused of wearing shirts a tad too small for me.  I don't like wearing typical T-shirts.  I find them billowing and unflattering….. on me.  Unlike most people I don't own many T-shirts or buy them when I go to concerts, new restaurants, when I travel or attend other assorted events where T-shirts are typically sold. Normally if I get one for free I give it away.  I only own one T-shirt from a concert and it is from The Cranberries tour in 1995.  The 2 other T-shirts that I own are an original Laura Croft T-shirt that I got from comic con in 1999 and another one that is signed by Nikki Six from Motley Crue.  My friend Sophia loves to retell the story of my famous Harry Potter T-shirt that I wore constantly back in the day when Harry Potter first came out. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and could not find an adult T-shirt that wasn’t cheesy (I know that is an oxymoron, but I don’t care), but I did find one in the children's section of JC Penny. It was white with gold Harry Potter letters written across what should've been the middle part of a child’s torso.  The shiny gold letters were right under my chin and of course my midriff showed.  (This was way before I had a baby.)  My tiny T-shirt wearing became a running joke, and my family bought me a T-shirt from baby gap as a gag gift one year, saying it was just my size. 

I feel like shirt T-shirts are something that should be worn whenever you are going to work out or to work in the yard.  When I work out (because let’s be honest I don’t do yard work, anymore) I like for my shirts to be fitted and snug. I didn't really realize how small my shirts were until last week when Angel pulled out one of my favorite “T-shirts” which was a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham T-shirt and put it on (I probably got this one in the kids section too).  It did not fit her like a regular T-shirt should, she is only 2, but it did fit her like a nightgown.  It was at this point that I came to the conclusion that my family and friends are correct.  I do wear my T-shirts tad too fitted.  That being said it doesn’t change my preference.  Now I have the perfect person to give them to … until they get too tight on her.  Then she will have to give them up!  There’s no way I am letting my daughter go out with a tight shirt on! ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ate dirt

Yesterday I had another embarrassing experience on the bicycle with Angel.  We were on our way to the park and as usual she was yelling for me to go faster.  My legs were sore and on fire before we even left our street as a result from the insane Pilates work out the day before.  I peddled as hard and as fast as I could and in typical fashion it wasn’t fast enough for my speed demon.  I really don’t think I am that out of shape.  I swear it is the bike.  Perhaps the chain is too tight, the tires are low, or the gears are off?  I can’t be that bad, can I?

Anyway, we got to the park and began our obstacle course of swinging, seesawing, sliding, and climbing on the monkey bars, and on the dome.  She is Miss Independent now and told me to swing, just a little bit, while she went down the slide all by herself.  A little while later the sun began to set and I announced it was time for us to go home.  Angel being a typical 2 year old decided to she wanted to go down the slide a few more times before we left. Her 3rd time down she chose to slide down on her belly, face first.  I had never seen her slide this way before and thought she would slow herself down when she got close to the bottom like she does when she slides on her rear end.  I stood beside the slide and watched her go down.  It was almost like it happened in slow motion, she slid on her belly with her arms out like Superman, but when she got close to the bottom she didn’t slow down, she maintained her speed and slid right off the slide face first into the dirt.  I jumped, scooped her up and held her to me.  I took my shirt and with trembling hands wiped her tears, the dirt from around her face and off her tongue looking for scratches, blood, loose teeth, any sign that she was injured and needed to go to the hospital (okay I overreact, what mother doesn’t when their baby has been hurt?).  As soon as she was all cleaned up she looked at me and said, “Do again”.  Ugh no Mommy has had enough heart stopping excitement for the day.  Next time I may make her keep her bicycle helmet while we are there.     

Sunday, September 23, 2012


This past week my girlfriends and I reunited for our annual Fine Wines Club event, (Check out my first blog "Fine Wines Club") this year we had 4 more of our friends join us for a fantastic trip to the beach.  Sophia, Lois, Indigo, Naomi, and I were joined by 2 members of my “general council” Laura and Claire as well as Sophia’s sister Alicia, and Heather.  In case you don’t read the first blog, although I strongly suggest it, here is a summary.  My best friend Sophia organized a girls trip to Atlanta last year with myself and 3 other girls that we all went to high school with.  I had stayed in contact with them over the years but the relationships weren’t what I would call BFF status.  I was a bit unsure of how the trip would go down considering we all have very different personalities and lives.  It turned out to be one of the best times ever!  We embrace each others differences and support each others decisions.  So we decided that we need to do this every year, and so we have.  Everything is pretty much the same among the original members except Indigo is recently single.  Here is some background on the new additions. 
Laura and Claire both welcomed sweet little girls last spring that I plan on being best friends with Angel as they get older.  Laura is married and her husband is in the Coast Guard. She works from home and also has a son.  I keep waiting for her to call me and tell me she is pregnant with number 3!  Claire is a busy stay at home mother of 3, who home schools her children.  Alicia is married, the mother of 2 boys, and a nurse (although I am not sure I would want her to take my vitals ;).  Heather is married to her high school sweetheart, a busy mother of 3 who coaches gymnastics and is heavily involved with her son’s baseball team.  Another year of a very diverse group of women.  All of them are married with the exception of Indigo and me.  I hope next year that won’t be the case.  We all have children, which is our one common ground.
This year we decided to take a much needed relaxing trip to one of Florida’s beautiful beaches.  The first night it was just Sophia, Lois, Naomi, Laura, and me.  After a nice dinner on the beach we headed back to our condo to sit around in our p.j.’s and catch up.  Like last year, we discussed our lives; kids, jobs, getting older, sex, farting, BOTOX, husbands (or lack thereof), and old times.  It was so much fun.  My face was hurting from laughing so hard.  I guess you would have to know these girls to know how special they are and how HILARIOUS they can be!  Sophia can make the dullest moments exciting and Lois is so matter of fact that her bluntness can sometimes leave you with your mouth hanging open.  We all went to bed and I fell right to sleep.  It must have been around 3:30 when Laura, who was my roommate, woke me up asking, “Do you hear that?”  I vaguely heard what she was referring to which sounded like loud music.  I thought perhaps there was a car outside the condo or that someone next door decided to throw a late night party.  I was dozing right back to sleep when she sat up and said, “I think someone is in here! We’re sitting ducks!!!”  I fell back to sleep, but she got up to check it out.  Turns out someone had set the alarm on the Bose system to 3:30 AM, no big deal.  Laura yanked the cord out of the wall and headed back to the room.  She said she couldn’t go back to sleep,  so she laid there going over scenario’s in her head of what she would do if someone did break in.  I am pretty sure in one of those scenarios’ she pushed me out of the bed towards the door and hid in the closet leaving me the “sitting duck”. 
The next day we headed to the beach to relax and wait for the rest of our friends to arrive.  Of course I was picked on because I had my giant sun hat, SPF 100, and sat under the umbrella, remember Melasma?  I don’t know at what point my skin turned on me, but the sun makes me have brown splotches on my face and white dots on the rest of my body??? 

Claire, Heather, Indigo and Alicia all arrived and we enjoyed the rest of our day at the beach and around the pool.  Of course Laura was tired from her 3:30 wake up call and tried to nap, and I am sure she dreamt of ducks. 
Sophia, a.k.a “The Ring Leader”, has a thing about us all getting dressed up and going out.  I think in her mind we are the girls from Sex and the City + 5 going out in NYC.  What we really looked like was a bunch of old ladies going to a Homecoming dance.  The only thing that was missing was our corsages.  We went to P.F. Changs, Sophia’s favorite, for dinner and then headed out.  This is where things get really funny.  We headed to a local watering hole and should have known we were out of place as soon as we pulled up.  We got out of the car and heard someone yell with a chuckle, “A MINI VAN???  YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING???”  That’s right people, we pulled up in Claire’s MINIVAN!  Don’t worry the car seat was in the very back, we made sure we moved it so all 9 of us could fit in.  We stumbled (I say stumble not because any of us were drunk, but because it was extremely hard to walk in our high heels through the gravel parking lot) to the front door.  I think the door man carded us only to make us feel good.  We walked in and it was like something out of a movie, a record scratched, the music stopped, and a spotlight shown on all of us.  Okay that didn’t happen but that was what it felt like.  The people in there were younger than us and just like last year the younger the girl the shorter the skirt.  We made our way to the bar to order drinks, all except for Claire who was our DD (we are responsible in older age as we all have children to think about).  We all stood around shouting at each other over the loud music.  The music playing was nothing any of recognized so we all kind of stood around.  We totally showed our age when the DJ played "Bust a Move".  We all screamed and headed straight for the dance floor.  The DJ must have recognized that we were a tad bit older than the rest of the people in the club so he went retro for us and played "Come On Ride that Train" and "Baby Got Back".  Shortly after the oldies throwback we decided that this wasn’t the place for us so we headed out.  Before we left we had to pay our tab and one of the girls pulled out her Disney Visa Card to pay.  She was totally called out for it and her response was, “I have to earn points for our trip to Disney!”
The rest of the trip was a total blast!  There are so many other things I could write about like, eating nothing but dips, dreamsicles, bad restaurant service, and dancing on the back of a yacht, but I will keep that for us. These are things that will be kept between all of us, not that any of it is bad.  It is just stuff about ourselves and our time together that I know we will laugh hysterically at again at some point in time.  Hopefully on one of our future trips.  It is an absolute blessing to have each one of these Women in my life.  We may not talk all the time, but when we get together we pick up right where we left off and that, in my opinion, is a sign of a true friendship.

Looking forward to next year with the Fine Wines Club!

Monday, September 10, 2012


What is about stickers that children love?  I remember one summer when I was about 7 I ordered a pack of stickers out of the back of a magazine.  Not trying to show my age here but that was back in the day when you clipped out a mailing slip included your $5.00 cash and your product was sent to you.  I waited for what seemed like forever!  Apparently, I missed the fine print that said, “Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery”.  6 to 8 weeks for a 7 year old is an eternity!  I had all kind of plans for these stickers, if they would ever arrive.  One was to add them to my sticker book which contained all kinds of stickers including an entire scratch and sniff page.  The most important aspect of the book was the cover.  It was graced with the most fabulous sticker ever, the holographic metallic silver unicorn sticker.  (You should hear the AHHHHHHH of angles when you think about it).  I got this sticker from an exchange of some Garbage Pal Kid cards for it and still think it was awesome!  

Angel has recently come to love stickers, wanting stickers every time she sees them.  Since acquiring her own stickers I have found them everywhere; on her clothes, on the doors, walls, my shoe, furniture and of course on herself.  I have realized that no sticker is safe as I recently caught her covering herself with my address labels.  Thank goodness they were the free ones that the organizations send to you hoping you will make a donation to their charity and not the ones I ordered from the ValPack you get in the mail.  I should have known something like this would happen because I remember when my friend Laura sent me a picture of some stickers her son got into.   

Those are some pretty expensive stickers.  I suppose there are worse things Angel could be into, like crayons and play dough.  Oh wait she is into those things.  Luckily I haven’t found either on my walls or on my shoes…… yet!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writing and Other Stuff

I was talking with someone today about my blog and they asked me if I wrote every day.  HA!  I would love to write every day.  As a matter of fact I have 4 blogs that I have started and not finished, as well as little pieces of paper scattered around my house, my car, my purse with notes, ideas, funny things Angel has said or done, or just some random thing I am thinking at that moment.  I think any person who is a parent will agree that children are time consuming!  Now imagine, if your married or with someone, everything your spouse does you now have to do.  It is a lot of work.  Yesterday, I was talking to a single Mom of 3… triplets!  The children are 10, she has been single since they were 3, and she is a doctor.  She said “I have to do it all.  I have no one to help me do anything.  Any free time I have I want to spend by myself.”  I only have 1 child and cannot imagine being the single parent of more than that!  I take my hat off to her and all the single parents out there.  I am not leaving Dad’s out because I know there are a lot of Dad’s out there who have had to learn how to fix hair and buy training bras all by themselves.

Angel has been home now for 3 weeks.  Between playing with her, a growing work load, and trying to keep up a house, I haven’t had much time to write (except on jiblets of paper that eventually end up on my floor board).  Please don’t get me wrong, I would much rather play with play dough than fold laundry, vacuum, or work on an excel spreadsheet.  The point is I write when I can write.  Spending time with Angel is the most important thing.  What started as a means of therapy for me to get through my pregnancy has turned into our story.  I enjoy sharing about the happiness and love my unexpected gift from God has brought me.  I don’t write this to express political views, sell something, or as a means of instruction.  If anything I write this so Angel will have something to look back on when she is older.  

I will leave you with a few funny things that she has said or done recently.
Her Nanny Vic Vic recently introduced her to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and for some reason instead of saying Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the blood of an English man, she says “Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the wee wee dat.”  I have no idea what this means, but she thinks it’s hilarious.

The pirates say, ARRGHHH Maybees

Rhinoceros is pronounced WASA WASA WASSSAAAAA

On one of the Little Einstein’s adventure they had to go around buoys and she called them….. Well, I am sure you can guess.

I was singing along with one of her songs and she looks at me very seriously and said, “Don’t sing Mommy!”  Her facial expression and hand gesture were priceless.  She must have a good ear because I can’t sing.  (I sound like a dude, my voice is that deep)!

That is all for now.  Hopefully I will finish some of what I have started, but by then I am sure there will be something else for me to write about.  Thanks for reading!