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Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss Independent

At some point when our children are babies we look forward to them being able to do things by themselves.  Who knew how much you could get accomplished when they started holding their bottle all by themselves?  Then they progress to entertaining themselves, feeding themselves and eventually putting their shoes on by themselves and the shoes seem to always end up on the wrong foot.  These are all healthy stages of development that all children must go through in order to gain their sense of independence.  Then they start talking………..
 As Angel’s 3rd birthday quickly approaches I have noticed she is in the stage I like to refer to as Miss Independent.  Her favorite things to tell me are, “I do it”, “Let me do it”, “I can do it by myself” and recently she told me, “Don’t touch me I want to do it by myself!”  Excuse me!  I tolerate certain things and allow her to do certain things all by herself, like getting dressed.  The other day she wore pink Elmo pajama pants, with a sleeveless hot pink dress that was from last summer which now looked like a shirt, purple socks and an orange sweater (the sweater was only because I made her do to the fact it was quite cold outside).  She looked like a hot mess from the Goodwill! No chance was she going to wear the cute leopard print and lime green outfit I wanted her to wear.  I gritted my teeth and allowed it thanking God we were just going to my Mother’s.  I do allow her to wear almost what she wants because I feel like she is exercising her creativity and independence, isn’t that what the saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff” is all about? 
It is other stuff that really gets me, as I write this I hear her yelling, clapping her hands saying, “Mom you come here right now!”  (I laid her down for a nap 15 minutes ago.)  Things like that and her telling me what to do.  I don’t know when we exchanged pants, but I clearly need to get mine that she is wearing back.  The biggest problem I have with Miss Independent is when she wants to do something that could potentially hurt herself; the latest is climbing onto the barstools.  I still hold my breath every time she does this new act of independence.  I know that she has to do this and if she falls she will learn the consequences and hopefully be more careful in the future.  It is still very hard for me to watch paranoid that she is going to fall.  After all I am the mother that wanted her to wear a helmet when she was learning how to walk. 
At this point it looks like I am stuck with Miss Independent for a while.  Hopefully, this stage will go away long enough for me to prepare for Miss Independent tween and eventually the dreaded Miss Independent teenager! 
PS Yes, I did go into her room.  She informed me that she did not need a nap, and I informed her that she did.  She is napping now, looks like I won that round.  I did have to rock her and tell her a story though.  I guess getting those pants back will be a very tedious process………

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