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Monday, March 4, 2013

One Extreme to Another

WARNING!!!!! This blog contains graphic topics about POOP!

For almost a year Angel has been potty training. Last year it was just an introduction to the potty itself, she wasn’t even 2 yet so I wasn’t too concerned when she didn’t take to it immediately. At 2 and a half I began to get a little concerned, she would tee tee on the potty but not poop. The peeing was at her leisure whenever she wanted to. There wasn’t any consistency. I tried bribing her offering her an M&M (yes that’s right 1 M&M) any time she would pee and 2 if she pooped. She rarely got 2. At the end of last year I got really worried because she still would not poop in the potty. I read books, talked to other moms and upped the ante as far as her bribes went. I was told it would happen on her terms and no child ever goes off to college in diapers. That still was not comforting to me. I was tired of changing pull ups. (Side note pull ups which do have their advantages are worse than diapers when it comes to poop. Brace yourself this is going to get graphic, there has been instances that I have pulled a pull up down and a turd has fallen out. Maybe this is why they are not called pull downs. My advice is to always check before you change so you know what you are working with.)

Last week I decided to break out the big guns and buy her a new Barbie in exchange for some poop in the potty. I placed it still in the box on the kitchen counter so she could see it. Anytime she would ask if she could play with it I would say you have to poo poo in the potty first. Then I invited her best friend Gracie (my BFF Sophia’s daughter who is 3 months older) to come over (not with any ulterior motives except to give Angel someone to play with and her mom a night out) and the best thing happened Gracie told Angel that she was going to poo poo in the potty and get her Barbie. This set Angel in meltdown mode and the race to poop in the potty began. I am happy to say we have had great success and Angel did get her Barbie. She wants to poop in the potty all the time now. Most of the time when she says she needs to poop it is her just getting on the potty and passing gas. We have gone from one extreme to another. I am very proud of her and glad we have passed this milestone BUT I have already tired of her needing to poop. This is especially true when on Saturday morning at 6:02 AM she tells me she needs to poop. I tell her to just poop in her pull up (she still sleeps in those) Mommy is tired and she says NO she wants to go in the potty. Crap! I just want to sleep and realize I have created a pooping monster! The upside is a huge saving on diapers. The downside I spend a lot more time in the bathroom.

In regards to my post over the weekend, I appreciate everyone’s concern for me and my family. I had a moment and got over it. I woke up the next day, the sun was shining and Angel and I had coffee and biscotti in bed (I drank the coffee). I don’t let things get me down for too long. I have too much to be thankful for. I did find this cartoon that sums up what I was feeling though. I think it is pretty funny hope you do too!

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