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Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday Time!

As Angel and my birthday approaches I am excited and a little sad at the same time.  She is going to be 3!  It is hard to believe 3 years has already gone by.  A part of me misses having a baby and can see how many people have another one to recapture all of the wonders that go with having a new baby.  On the other hand I am so happy to not have to deal with diapers, midnight feedings and being extremely sleep deprived.  Angel has gotten so big (literally) and is developing into her own person.  She is headstrong, sassy and loves to push the limits with me.  Don’t know where she gets all that from?  She is certainly no longer a baby.  She is potty trained, sleeping through the night (most nights) and I am very happy to announce pacifier free!  She gave all her passy’s to the Easter Bunny last Friday.  It took 3 nights but eventually she got over not having one.  She did tell me Sunday night, “Mommy you get in your car, go to the Easter Bunny’s house and GET MY PASSY’S BACK!”  She told me that she didn’t want all the gifts the Easter Bunny gave her in her basket she just wanted them back.  It was heart breaking for me to see her so upset, but she is a big girl now a fact she will tell me when it benefits her.  I am looking forward to her birthday party as this year I think will be the most fun yet!

As for me I am sad because, let’s be honest as much as I love to say I am turning 27….again, we all know I am not.  This year is the big 36 and it has it me really hard because I realized this is the downward slope to the BIG 4 0 !!!!!!! It’s hard because I don’t think of myself as almost 40?!?!?  How did this happen?  In my head I am still 27 aren’t I?  Don’t most 27 year olds have a girls night that consist of dinner at BoneFish and being home by 9:30?  Or look forward to a weekend where they can sleep in until 7:30?  Aren’t most 27 year olds concerned about college funds, retirement accounts and cholesterol levels????  Okay maybe not.  So I will happily admit that I am about to be 36 because what is the alternative.  I look around at my soon to be 36 year old friends, and the few that have hit this milestone before me, and see happy, HEALTHY, loving people!  I may have a few more gray hairs this year but each one represents something in my life.  I would rather have them there than not because each one means I am living!!!!  And can be conveniently covered up with hair color (Thank goodness my BFF Sophia is a hair stylist!!)

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet sassy Angel, You are perfect to me and the best present I will ever receive!  I love that we share this day together.  I love you with all my heart even though you kick me in the back when you sleep with me!  

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