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Monday, May 13, 2013

Post Mother's Day

I hope everybody thoroughly enjoyed their Mother’s Day yesterday. I've heard from some of my Mom friends they took trips to the beach, wineries or just relaxed.  My day started off extremely well, coffee and biscotti in bed. This has become Angel and my weekend tradition.  Every Saturday and Sunday morning I cover a huge portion of my bed with towels and we proceed to make a huge mess with homemade biscotti and a nice cup of coffee for me and a cup of steamed milk for her.  She loves this and even asks if we can do it during the week.  After cleaning up her chocolate crumb beard, we got ready to go to church. When we arrived at church Angel wanted nothing to do with going into the nursery and leaving me. She cried, pulled my hair, begged and pleaded for me not to leave her there. After a blood curdling scream, that I know they heard in the sanctuary, I decided she could go to big church with me.  After all it was Mother's Day, so I grabbed her and we went to big church together. I have to sing praises of her behavior in big church. Any three-year-old is expected to be a little squeamish and fidgety in big church.  It is not in their nature to sit still and listen to a preacher, but she was extremely well behaved (for the most part). She only turned around and waved at the people behind her once. 

After the preacher finished his sermon on how important mothers are, right out of Proverbs 31, he asked all the men to stand up and applaud all the women in their lives; mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Although I didn't have a man standing beside me applauding and glorifying me, I did have Angel.  Maybe that is why she wanted to come to big church with me.  She knew all along I would need her rewarding applause.  I did get to witness one of the sweetest things during this show of appreciation,  the man in front of me turned to his wife, grabbed her chin with his hand, delicately kissed her and said to her “Thank you for being the greatest blessing to me and our children.”  I thought to myself how sweet that was and with a tad bit of jealousy bowed my head and thanked God for the thing blessing he has given me and of things to come. Yesterday afternoon was filled with lots of love, family and friends. My own AMAZING mother cooked a huge dinner like it was Thanksgiving! My mom, who always goes out of her way to make me feel special and loved, outdid herself yet again with gifts from Angel. And even though I didn't have a man celebrating what a great mother I am, I had Angel who told me happy Mother's Day a billion times and that she loved me over and over. And that's what it's all about. The other part will come. 

I would like to quote something one of my very good friends husbands posted on her Facebook page for Mother's Day “
Happy Mother's Day to the best looking woman on the planet! Thanks for all you do for me and the kids. We are blessed to have you in our lives. We love you! 
Guys if you've got a good woman that's a good mother to your children tell her and tell her often how awesome she is.  Sometimes that is all the gift we need…..but we will also happily accept jewelry, spa days and even cold hard cash.  ;p

My little Super Hero!

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