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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I bumped in to one of my readers a few days ago and she asked me how Angel was doing without her passy.  She mentioned that I haven’t written a follow up to any of Angel’s milestones like potty training, giving up her passy and sleeping in her big girl bed.  Well, here it goes…..

Angel is completely potty trained and is Miss Independent when it comes to this issue.  Sometimes she doesn’t even tell me she needs to go, she just goes and then comes back and yells, “I poo pooed in the potty mommy”!!!!  She even tells me the size; she says she does a mommy one and an Angel one.  That is always nice to hear especially when people are around.  Angel is very proud of herself and even told the cashier at Target that she is a big girl and poo poos in the potty.  Why shouldn’t she tell everybody that?  So things on the potty training end are going well, except for one small issue.  We were outside playing one day when Angel pulled her pants down and popped a squat and peed right in my Mother’s back yard.  I stood there with my mouth open holding in a laugh that was coming up from my toes.  I didn’t think much of it and decided not to make a big deal over it.           (I have found the more attention you bring to an issue the greater chance they are to do it again.)  My Mom told me that she did it again a few days later.  My Mom told Angel that if she needed to go to the bathroom when they were outside all she had to do was tell her and she would take her to the potty.  Last weekend we were home and I looked over and there she was again peeing in the back yard.  It was at this time that we had a little talk.  I asked her why she was tee teeing outside and she said because she was a dog.  I am not sure if all children pretend like they are a cat or a dog, but in my experience they do at some point.  Her dad has a dog at his house and I guess Angel has seen her use the bathroom outside.  Since she pretends to be a dog it is only logical in her mind that she do the same thing.  She hasn’t done it since then and other than some pee on her shoe what is the harm???

Giving up the passy was easier than I thought.  Of course there was the melt down when she basically wanted me to rob the Easter Bunny’s house (See "Its Birthday Time" Blog), and there were a few nights that she cried, begged and pleaded for me to go to the store and get her one but those nights passed.  The only slip up we almost had was when she was in the guest bedroom, picked up a pillow on the bed and underneath it was a passy.  I jumped up Matrix style and landed on top of it before she saw it.  She has been 3 months passy free!  I’m sure that’s an issue we won’t have again….. I hope.

For Angel’s 3rd birthday I bought her a full size big girl bed complete with Disney princess bedding.  I thought for sure with all this pink she would want to sleep in her big girl bed…… I was wrong!  It must have started right after she gave up her passy.  I felt so bad for her at night.  She was in a new bed surrounded by princess (I am sure those girls can look pretty 
scary in the middle of the night) and she didn’t have her passy, the one thing that offered her comfort. So I did what any pushover parent would do, I let her sleep with me.  I honestly thought this would only last for a few nights and once the passy withdrawals were over she would want to get in her bed.  HA! Not a chance.  Every night became a struggle.  I would go through our routine bath, brush teeth, read stories, rock in the rocking chair, put her in the bed and then prayers.  She would usually start crying when I stood up out of the rocking chair, sometimes she would wait until after we said her prayers.  Sometimes she would go down fine and after about an hour I would hear a noise.  I would get up and just like something out of a horror movie I would see a small figure standing in the hallway back-lit from the bathroom night light looking like a ghost.  That was nothing compared to the nights I would wake up startled and see 2 eyes staring at me right over the top of the bed.  Poor thing, I have no idea how long she stood beside my bed not wanting or afraid even to wake me up.  So of course I let her get in the bed with me.  This has to stop!  I desperately need beauty rest and I don’t sleep well when I get head butted, kicked or when my nose gets tickled by her hair. Yes she sleeps that close to me.  One of the very few benefits of Angel being gone is that I will get some sleep. 

3 more days and she is leaving.  I am sure we both will have a great summer.  I will miss her terribly and I am sure she will miss me too.  It will fly by and before we both know it she will be back home. 

Don’t worry I have stock piled things to write about, I just hope I can find the time. 

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