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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deal Maker

I would like to know when Angel became a used car salesman????  She is all about making a deal with me.  This evening she asked to watch television and I said she could watch tv after dinner and for her to go read some books to Angel Rapunzel (that is a whole other blog for me to write).  She looked at me as serious as she could be and said, "How about this I will read 1 book to Angel Rapunzel and then you go and turn on the television for me?"  She has also rattled off a list of things she wants to do and will look at me and say, "That sounds like a good plan" like she is reassuring me that it is.  She is very convincing that her plan is in fact a good one.  Tonight at dinner I am trying to get her to eat peas and she says she will eat 1 pea and then she can have her gummies.  I tell her she has to eat all of them and she replies with okay how about this I will eat 3 peas then I can have my gummies???  3 peas really????  Good negotiating though.  I am just waiting for her to tell me, "It drives off good and has cold AC."  

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