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Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Size Barbie

We've all been there, at a play date with our children at someone else's house.  The children are playing and having a wonderful time.  For some reason toys are always better at other kids houses and the children want a toy that's not theirs.  This recently happened to me when my daughter went to a friend’s house to play with their 2 daughters.  The girls had a My Size Barbie, actually they had 2.  If you don't know what a My Size Barbie, is join the club I didn't either. It's a 3 foot tall Barbie doll.

It's the same size as an average three-year-old would be. Angel immediately fell in love with this doll!  The dolls have also have neat clothes that the children can wear as well. After I saw how happy this doll made Angel I of course had to have one for her. {Back story on these Barbie dolls, they came out in the mid-90s and were very popular. They are not as popular now and somewhat hard to find.  Of course you can find them online, which is where I found Angel’s.}  When Angel came home from her dad's at the end of the summer I had this My Size Barbie in her bedroom waiting for her. She immediately named the doll Angel Rapunzel or Rapunzel Angel (all of her dolls are named after her).  Of course as soon as she saw her she had to take her clothes off and put the clothes on herself. (I'm still trying to understand what it is about children and wanting take clothes off dolls?  Every doll Angel owns, at some point, has gone without clothes for an extended period of time.)  Angel Rapunzel went without clothes for a while because Angel had to come home every day and put her outfit on.  I finally had to put something on the doll; it was getting a little weird! 

Angel loves playing dress-up, and since I saw again how much happiness this brought her I spent a Sunday afternoon on eBay. They don't really make clothes for these dolls anymore so the only place you can find any is on eBay. So while angel was sleeping soundly taking her nap dreaming of giant Barbie dolls, I spent an hour anda pretty good bit of money on 13 outfits.  (Don't judge 13 is not excess ;)

The doll goes everywhere with her and at night time has to be put to sleep on a
pillow and covered up with a blanket.  Since Angel occasionally sleeps with me this thing ends up on the floor by my bed.  Let me tell you it is hard to sleep with a creepy doll lying on your floor. I anticipate waking up and seeing the doll staring me down hopefully without a knife in her hand. 

I have many more stories to write about the My Size Barbie, so stay tuned.
Sorry about the font, not sure why it changed on me?????

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