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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last Blog

Dear Readers.....if I have any left,

This will be my last blog post (unless some unforeseen event takes place leaving me tons of time on my hands).  I had hoped that I could end my final blog with a love story about a knight in shinning armor that has rescued me, married me and we ride off into the sunset with our family and our happily ever after.  Or perhaps I would have at least finally married my Michael (see blog post "Redeeming Love" (I think I need to read that book again)) and well it would have ended the same as the previous scenario.  A few years ago I thought I would once again be able to write about "expecting" and this time it wouldn't be as unexpected. Thus far in my life these events have not happened.  I am still a single working mother who is trying to navigate through life's sticky situations.  I cannot believe it has been 4 years since I started this blog.  It started out as a means of therapy for me and I will admit I wrote some VERY emotional blogs.  I had hoped that I would get a million followers and would get endorsed by Babies R Us or at least be offered a book deal, but no deal.  I spend my days like most parents, single or married, working or stay at home, busy.
I have started writing many blogs and never get the chance to finish them or I have just been uninspired.  Since starting UnexpectingMommy I have been able to share my story and receive others stories in return.  I have been able to relate to people on levels I wouldn't have before.  I am thankful for this outlet.
You never know I may have a sudden inspiration to write something prophetic, but in the event that I never write again please know that I words cannot express how thankful for my little Angel.  She came into my life and changed it for the better.  I am a better person because of her and am thankful God intrusted her to me while we are on this earth.  Like most parents my child is my world. 
Now while everyone else is gathering around the television to watch the Super Bowl, Angel and I are making Valentines, after we clean up the princess Play Doh.
God Bless each of you!  Thank you for sharing in my little story.

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