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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

It has been a while since a post but I couldn’t let one of the best holidays of the year pass and not write about it. I went back and read the first Mother’s Day blog, Check out "A Tribute to Mom", I wrote when Angel was about 6 weeks old. My journey as a mom had barely begun and already I had a deep appreciation for all my mother did for me. Back then I was overwhelmed with love, joy and happiness; the usual emotions that a woman has shortly after giving birth. Today, 4 years later I am still overwhelmed…………. Still with those emotions but also with new ones like patience, counting to 10, deep breaths and sometimes trying to remain calm and not laugh when dealing with a 4 year old (YES Angel is 4!!!!!). I see so much of myself in her and I wonder how my Mom did it? She is so sassy and strong willed and she displays characteristics that will be wonderful when she is 25, right now I want to wash her mouth out with soap! In these 4 years as a mother I have learned a lot from her. I love her honesty and innocence. She will always come clean when she doesn’t get smiley faces at school and say “I didn’t get smiley faces because I pulled Olivia’s hair”. At least she is honest. Angel, like most girls is obsessed with Frozen so of course she wants to be like the girls in the movie and asked me to braid her hair. I have never French braided before and even had to look at Pintrest for a how to. The second time I braided it she wanted to wear it to school. It looked awful but she walked in to school and told everyone to look at her beautiful braid that her mommy did for her. I was filled with so much delight that she was so happy with it and didn’t care (actually she probably didn’t know) that it looked as bad as it did. Just yesterday we were getting ready to go to the pool and she told me we had to put on her swim top to cover up her “dots”. I want to tell her stay like this forever.

This morning she woke me up with kisses and told me I was her best friend and that she loved me so much. Then asked if the sun was awake (what she really wanted to know was if I was awake). We started off this morning with our weekend ritual of biscotti and coffee in bed (the coffee is for me). As I write this she is cleaning her room aka stuffing everything in bins and under the bed. She has come in here a few times asking me questions, blowing a whistle and dressed up in her finest dress up clothes with all the accessories. I guess she wants to make sure I know she is still here. She is just a tad ostentatious. HMMMMMMM wonder where she gets that from?????? We are about to head to my Mom’s to celebrate with some of the other wonderful Mothers in my family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. Our jobs are never done! But we love every second of it……… as long as it’s not before 6 in the morning ; )

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