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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Nights

Side walk chalk drawing, trampoline jumping, running through the sprinkler, tricycle riding, mosquito bite scratching, it must be the beginning of summer.  Last night, as I dabbed calamine lotion all over Angels legs covering each mosquito bite she stood back from me looking like she was wearing polka dotted pants, I had a flash back to my own childhood when I looked very similar.  I was covered in mosquito bites from summer evenings playing outside until the sun went down.  I am so happy that she does get to play outside and is not plopped in front of the television, although I despise those nasty blood suckers and have tried everything to get rid of them.  But, we live in the South where it has been raining a lot so they are to be expected. 
Angel had her K3 graduation last week and is officially out of school as are the rest of the kids.  When we get home from, work for me or Nana’s/dance class for Angel, we usually put our things down and head outside.  My house has become the neighborhood cool hang out house.  I am usually not even out of my car good before I have little kids running up asking if Angel can play.  I would like to complain about this, but at least Angel is at home allowing me to monitor what all is going on.  There are 7 neighborhood kids that usually end up at my house at some point during the day.  They are good kids and Angle LOVES having them to play with.  My boyfriend and I call these kids the mouth breathing nugget eaters (a term of endearment).  Yesterday, I had one of them come over 3 times asking if Angel could play and this past Sunday morning at 8:15, 3 of them were ringing my doorbell!  Really?!  I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee, but “yes ok y’all can come in, but you have to clean up when you are done.”  Which never happens.  I end up cleaning while Angel is taking a nap.  SUCKER! I am not sure who is going to miss Angel more me or her friends (this is, of course, a ridiculous question because I will miss her as always!)

Angel will be leaving for her Dad’s next week for the long grueling summer away.  This year I am not worried about myself as much as I am her.  Of course it is always hard on me and has been the past 3 years, but I have learned to cope.  Angel though is older and very close to her Mommy.  I am concerned that she is going to get home sick.  Of course I have asked (as I have every year) for some visitation and have not gotten an answer.  As in years past I have lots of activities arranged and plan on staying very busy by working out, visiting with friends, home improvements and spending time with the other love of my life, Michael (not his real name, see my post "Redeeming Love" and if you haven't read the book I strongly encourage it).  Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!