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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fat and Happy

I have heard the term fat and happy before and have even used it in a sentence; that baby is fat and happy, but I have never said this about myself.  A few days ago I tried on a pair of shorts that I wore last year and noticed they were a bit snug (I did not have to lie on the bed to zip them up or anything but they were a tad tight).  This prompted me to do something that I never do; I got on the scales and weighed myself.  GASP!!!!!  I have gained 6 pounds!!!!!!!  (6 lbs. may not sound like a lot to some but for a borderline Ooompa Loompa (this means I am short) 6 lbs. is a lot). I thought to myself, how could this happen??  I had lunch with a close friend the next day and she said it makes sense you are “fat and happy”.  Happy, yes I am, but when did fat start going along with that? She asked me what has changed in the past months.  Well, for starters I am not eating salad and cereal by myself for dinner at night, instead of going to the gym as often as I can I am making time for other things, and I am going out to dinner more.  This isn’t something that happened overnight. I am guessing it started a few months ago.  I thought about all of the delicious food I ate when I was in Europe in April, the cook outs for Memorial Day, July 4th, celebrating friend’s birthdays and all the food I eat with my sweet Michael.  My eating habits, especially since Angel is gone, consist of delicious bacon, egg and cheese (cheese that I got in Amsterdam so you know it is fatty) on a toasted English muffin for breakfast, incredible oven toasted chicken pesto sandwiches, chunky guacamole and chips for snacks and blackened salmon over penne pasta in an alfredo sauce for dinner.  Okay this is not every day, but I am not used to eating like this.  Bottom line my man can COOK y’all!  (He can also dance.)  At this point I guess it is true, I am fat and happy.  However, I am going to work on being, happy and fit. 

I have 4 more weeks until Angel gets home and I am going to start working on losing the 6 lbs. I have found.  I am revisiting an old love of mine, tennis and am playing as often as I can.  Michael and I are doing active things together and making healthy food choices.  Whether I am fat and happy I am just happy I am happy and am with someone that makes me so! 


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