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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Like most people I have a variety of apps on my phone.  I have some games for my little Angel, one gives me stock quotes, some for email, weather, shopping and I even have one that will interpret my dreams.  A few months ago I downloaded an app called TimeHop.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this app it gives you your own personal day in history. 
It can pull up old FaceBook post, pictures you took on a certain day and allow you to look back at what you were thinking and doing from previous years.  I really enjoy this app as it mostly shows me pictures of my little Angel and how she has grown in these 4 years.  However, sometimes I will get a picture of me and people that I used to call friends.  It pains me to look at these once happy faces and realize that our friendship is over and will never be again.  At the same time it allows me to reflect and be thankful that some people are out of my life and thankful for the people that are still in it.   A few days ago I got a TimeHop from 4 years ago and it brought me back to a very sad time in my life when my heart was broken.  I was so distraught, lonely and convinced that I would never pull myself out of the darkness that surrounded me.  Here I am 4 years later and I think about how different my life is.  My heart is mended, I am no longer lonely and I have seen the light, so to speak.  This has made me realize that that old clich√© that I used to hate to hear is so true, “time heals all wounds”.  And it does.  There will always be scars from these difficult times, but they are just reminders for me.  I am now thankful that I have had to go through rough times in my life because it has made me appreciate where I am in my life and what all I have to look forward to.  If I can offer anyone that is going through tough times any advice it would be hold on it does get better because it does! 

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