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Friday, January 23, 2015

My food Experiment

We are 3 weeks into the new year and I wonder how many of us have kept to our new year’s resolutions?  I don’t usually do resolutions I make a list of obtainable goals, which I guess are about the same thing.  Usually my goals are things like travel to a new place, experience something I have never done, get healthy, etc.  I always incorporate getting healthy and leave like that because getting healthy could mean many things like exercise more, lower cholesterol, eat better, reduce stress, whatever.  For the past 2 years I have participated in the Daniel Fast along with my church.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Daniel Fast it is based on Daniel fasting in the bible to show his devotion to God. There are several types of Daniel Fast but basically you are only allowed to consume fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks.  This is not about weight loss.  It is a mental, physical and spiritual journey with yourself.  You really learn a lot about the effect food has on your body and how addicted you are to certain things. The first year I did this I was completely unprepared and lasted a little more than a week.  Last year I did much better but at week 2 was craving protein so badly I broke down and had some salmon.  This year I knew I couldn’t do the strict Daniel Fast so I looked at other types of healthy eating plans.

For the past 3 weeks I have experimented with what I like to call my Whole 30, Paleo, Daniel Fast, clean eating plan. These are all clean eating plans that have the same basis, which is eat clean, 1 ingredient foods, nothing processed.  They all have their own guidelines.  I took something from each of them and blended what I thought would work best for me.  At first I did a detox to get myself off of processed foods.  This took about 3 days and I suffered from headaches and some nausea.  I eliminated all dairy, sugar and all processed foods.  Basically, I ate whole proteins, vegetables, fruits  and nuts. The first week wasn’t bad at all once I got past the headaches (which were very mild) and I  was surprised at my self-control and ability to pass up things that I would have normally eaten.  Week 2 I was still going strong but I was getting tired of eating eggs every morning. 
In the mornings I also drank what I began calling fish food (which is exactly what it smelt like) but I do recommend it.  Green Vibrance is loaded with green stuff that is good for you but taste awful!  I mixed it with some juice and did a shot of it, holding my nose at first.  What I really wanted was a cup of coffee with some hot frothy milk and sugar.  I actually day dreamed about a Starbucks caramel macchiato. MMMMMMMM. At the beginning of week 3 I could feel myself getting weaker.  I had done a great job of passing up cookies, cakes, candy, even croutons in my salad.  Today I hit my breaking point.  Down here in the south around this time of the year we begin the celebration of Mardi Gras.  Along with Mardi Gras comes the King Cakes.  
If you don’t know what Mardi Gras is then you have been living under a rock. If you don’t know what a King Cake is please let me explain; King Cakes are like giant cinnamon rolls topped with sweet frosting, green, purple and gold sprinkles.  Some bakeries fill them with cream cheese, Bavarian cream and other flavors like pecan praline, raspberry, apple or lemon.  There is a plastic baby that also goes inside them (which is not eatable and not relevant to this post).  This morning I purchased a few King Cakes for some of my customers.  They were warm when I picked them up, fresh out of the oven and the aroma of absolute deliciousness filled my car.  By the time I dropped the last one off the eggs and fish food shot had worn off.  When one of the girls asked if I wanted a piece of this delightful cake I could not be rude and say no.  I was salivating over the thought of it.  When the first bite hit my tongue it took everything I had not to shove the entire thing in my mouth and get another piece. I think I even forgot to breathe while I was eating it. I felt like a crackhead getting a fix.  It was soooooo good! So I have blown what I worked 3 weeks for. 

The moral to this story is, there isn’t one.  Just kidding, I did feel much better eating clean and I came to realize how much crap is in the food we eat.  Moving forward I will be more cautious about what I put in me and my families bodies. I do eat healthy and will adopt trying to eat non processed foods, but there ain’t nothing wrong with a little sweetness every now and then especially when it is fit for a King ;)   

Happy Mardi Gras y'all!!!!

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