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Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone. I swore to myself I was not going to do anything crazy for Angel's birthday party this year but we all know how that goes. When I started thinking about planning her birthday party shortly after the holidays (Yes I plan that far in advance I'm a little what you would call an enthusiastic  planner).  I wanted to do something small but magical to make it very memorable. This will be the last year she would spend her birthday with kids from her preschool class. I looked into jump houses, princess boutiques and even considered having a castle jumpy in my backyard. You would not believe, or maybe you would how expensive these things are. Not that I am cheap, as I have been called, I just would rather spend my money on other things for her. After I considered many avenues I decided just to have a party at our house in the backyard. But what's a party without a little bit of entertainment? Then I thought what could that be? I thought about the standard jumpy in the backyard but what if it rains? I couldn't have 10 to 15 kids in my house. So I did what any mother of a daughter that lives in a princess fantasy land would do, and I hired Anna and Elsa to come and celebrate Angel's birthday with her. Now don't get me wrong Anna and Elsa aren’t cheap, in fact they are very good businesswomen. I knew the surprised look on Angel’s face would be priceless and worth every penny they cost.

I was a bit worried about the turnout as I invited all of the kids in her preschool class and I got two RSVPs from them. Don't people RSVP anymore?  How do I know how many cupcakes to buy?  How much food to get?  How many prizes I would need for the kids? One year on Lucy's second birthday I bought large Easter bunnies to give as treats and we only had three kids come. I was stuck with 7 extra chocolate bunnies!  My advice from one parent to another is if someone invites you to a birthday party even if you can't go just let them know, it's common courtesy.

The day of her birthday couldn't have been more perfect!  The weather was absolutely beautiful! It was a cool spring day with sunshine. We had an excellent turnout with lots of kids too. Anna and Elsa were perfectly spectacular. They sang songs for Angel and our guest, had story time with the children, made a craft with them and even helped them all decorate their own cupcakes. When it was time to go they presented angel with her own signed snowflake ornament.
Everybody had a wonderful time including me, which is rare as I am usually stressed during these types of events. I think one of the big factors of why I was a little calmer was due to the fact that my Michael was with me. I thank God for him every single day, he is my balance. Where I usually would have to do everything myself he helped me in every way possible. I didn't have to worry about putting Angel's bicycle together; he helped me clean the house, helped with the food, helped with decorations and even hung snowflake lights outside to keep with the theme of Frozen. He wanted Angel to be as happy as I did. As if things couldn't get any better I looked over at one point and he was filming and taking pictures of all important aspects of the her and the event.

So maybe next year I'll keep things simple with a small birthday party.

Nah I say that every year…….